BEARD Tidy - FROM $15

Shaping and refining the beard using small clippers and scissors finishing off with beard product to maintain your look.


A tapered style blended from skin to various clipper lengths.


A short low maintenance style achieved with multiple clippered length all over.


An exclusive timeless cut haircut using both clippers and scissors With a swooping clean taper around the ears and neckline (depending on the style),and a top shelf mist of aftershave.


This three step traditional Royal Razor Face Shave starts off with you laying back in the barber chair with a warm facial towel resting on your face encouraging your pores open.


This new coloring range is formulated using almost 80% naturally derived ingredients including Baobab and Avocado oil, so its not harsh on your hair

Baby Boy's First Cut - FROM $20

Your baby boy's first haircut. As well as giving your little man a fresh cut, we'll set aside a lock of hair for you to keep as a memory.

Colour & Cut Combo- FROM $70

Get a fresh cut and colour for a true style change up. Enquire for more details.

Boy's CUT (12 and Under)- FROM $25

A styled cut for young men under the age of 12.

Boy's Cut (13-17) - FROM $30

A styled cut for young men between the ages of 13-17.

Buzz Cut- FROM $25

A short, low maintenance stylet using one main clipper length.

Pensioner Cut - $23

An exclusive timeless cut haircut at a discount with valid seniors card. Using both clippers and scissors with a top shelf mist of aftershave.