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Barber Boys, opened their first store in 2004 and what started as a humble beginning for Founder and Barber of two decades, Don De Sanctis, has grown into an award winning South Australian success story. Conveniently located throughout Adelaide, Barber Boys is your traditional barber offering a modern twist.



Since 2004 Barber Boys has embodied our passion for the craft, transcending expectations time and time again. Our team's passion and talent, recognised through prestigious accolades, fuels our commitment to consistently serve as an example in the industry. In every interaction, we carry the legacy of award-winning artistry, creating unforgettable experiences at the convergence of tradition and innovation.

  • AHIA Best Barber Business in Australia 2017 & 2018

  • Don De Sanctis | AHIA Best Business Director/ Owner of The Year 2019 AMBA Best Director/ Owner of the Year 2021

  • Barber Boys Team Leader Anthony Staltari | AHIA Creative Men’s Hair Specialist of The Year 2021

  • Barber Boys Apprentice (2019) Luke Munn | AHFA Men’s Hairdresser of The Year 2021



In the world of grooming and personal care, Barber Boys stands as a example of quality and innovation, offering three distinct types of barbershops.

Our traditional Barber Boys stores embody the essence of skilled barbering, providing top-notch hair services and products across the state.

Barber Boys & Co. takes the experience a step further, offering an engaging social atmosphere where clients can enjoy a drink or a game while receiving exceptional grooming services.

For those on a tight schedule, Barber Boys Xpress delivers high-quality grooming services swiftly, in a modern, industrial-inspired environment.

Each concept is designed with the needs and lifestyles of our diverse clientele in mind, ensuring an unmatched barbering experience, regardless of your choice.


Our traditional Barber Boys stores are fully accustomed with our highly skilled barbers and globally recognized and awarded products. Alike all our locations, we pride ourselves with our exceptional customer service and hair services. We want to make our stores easily accessible to any person who requires a hair service, thus we have opened stores across the state so you can find us anywhere!


Our newest concept, Barber Boys Xpress locations delivers the same high quality customer service and hair services, yet quicker. We wanted to cater to our busy clients who are always on the go! We achieved a fresh, industrial look with our concrete stations and LED lights.


Our Barber Boys & Co. Salons offer a place for the community to socialize and take their hair experience to the next level. Barber Boys & Co. include a full stocked bar and barista grade coffee machine as they can enjoy a complementary drink with their service. There is also a pool table and arcade game to kill time while waiting for their service or even challenge their barber to a game of 8-ball!
superior grooming services

"Drawing from tradition and innovation, Barber Boys provides an immersive barbering experience that reinforces the timeless appeal of the well-groomed man."



Barbery is a world-class barber academy that provides aspiring barbers with access to incredible educators armed with global experience and distinguished honors.

Our accredited and non-accredited training programs are led by professionals holding pertinent qualifications, ensuring the transfer of sought-after skills to our students. Barbery upholds high standards, proven by our successful Post-initial Compliance Audit in 2019.

Our accreditation is due for renewal by ASQA in 2024, ensuring continued excellence in our offerings. Since inception, we've seen 86 students graduate with a Certificate III in Barbering. We also offer the SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant, a pre-apprenticeship course, filling a major need for qualified barbers in South Australia.

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With a passionate team of world-class educators at its heart, Barbery Academy cultivates a culture of excellence and innovation in barbering education. Our expert trainers, globally recognized and equipped with a wealth of awards and honors, are committed to passing on their expertise, crafting a new generation of highly skilled barbers.

  • HairExpo Education Business of The Year 2019 

  • AHFA Excellence in Education (Organisation) Award 2021 

  • Full-TimeStudent (2018) Luke Munn | AHFA Men’s Hairdresser of The Year 2021



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