About Us


Founder and Barber of two decades, Don De Sanctis believes that the high quality of barbering skills and culture derived from Barber Boys sets a benchmark within the industry and is symbolic through the meaning of the Barber Boys crest; two lions representing strength and leadership.

With multiple stores in operation across South Australia, Barber Boys are ahead of the pack.  Don has witnessed many changes through the industry, and has said that it has really taken off again in the past couple of years, not only in Australia but across the world, which is great for business and there are a number of reasons he believes have driven the resourgence in male only barber shops.  

As Don mentions, "Its become a cultral thing - men are starting to look afer themselves again and take pride in the way they look.  They want the ironed shirt and tailored suits, the slick sophisticate haircut to match, and where can men best get these cuts; at the barbershop where the people cutting and syling their hair have been specifically trained in male cuts."

Barber Boys policy ensures that all team members are registered within the Australian National Training Authority.  We take no risks in allowing a person offering a specialised service in Barber Boys without holding the appropriate Australian recognised certification.  Our young apprentices are our young blood, they train weekly inhouse and have a passion for the industry.  They participate in competition work and have proved to be the award winning.  Weekly training also includes a warm dinner, that sometimes fills the whole training facility with team members and their models which are usually close friends and family, so in whole Barber Boys are one big family, with a culture to match.  

As for where Barber Boys is headed in the future;  a family business and its this aspect that has driven Don to achieve so much with the company to date - having the loving support of his wife, children and extended family he has made his dream become a reality.

As Don has quoted, "Barber Boys will be there from the first hair cut right up until the last, and that's what I hope to instill in my kids; loyalty, good faith an longevity."